"Periodic Action Plan on Child Protection and Social Protection for the years 2016-2017"was signed between the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population and UNICEF (VIDEO)

"Periodic Action Plan on Child Protection and Social Protection for the years 2016-2017" Within the Cooperation Program for the years 2016-2020 was signed between the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).
At the event, the minister of labour and social protection of population Salim Muslumov emphasized that our country has an active public policy aimed at the physical and spiritual development of children, social development course of the President of Azerbaijan Mr.Ilham Aliyev created the conditions also for the provision of comprehensive care and attention to children: "Ever-strengthening social security system in our country also covers children with limited health under the age of 18, the children of war invalids and those equated to them, families of martyrs, statutory active military service personnel, the children in low-income families under the age of 1, the children of women who have more than five children and the other children in the relevant classes. An important part of family members in the families provided with social assistance are also children. Also today, there is an exemplary living and rehabilitation conditions in social service institutions, where 320 children with limited health live in comprehensive state support". 
Noting more than 1,500 children and their families are rendered rehabilitation-oriented social services on the basis of social orders of the Ministry, S.Muslumov spoke about the importance of cooperation with UNICEF in improving a system of social services for children: "As a continuation of this cooperation, the Work Plan for the years 2014-2015within the project "Reforms in child care system" was executed. According to the plan, it was provided support for the development of national capacity on social work, social protection and child care system, the visit of experience to Turkey for people working in their areas to get acquainted with good practice by UNICEF, training to improve skills of the relevant staff on planning, monitoring, and evaluation. In addition, social rehabilitation services of more than 300 children experiencing hardship and their families in two regions (Ganja city and Guba district) were organized and are currently also being continued". 
S.Muslumov noted the institutional support of UNICEF also in the fields of preparation of minimum quality assurance standards of a number of community-based social care services, extensive analysis of the national social security system in terms of the welfare of children and etc.: "Cooperation Program for the years 2016-2020 to be implemented jointly with UNICEF, is also intended for the development of providing children with social services. The goal of the program is qualitative and equal protection of children, especially children who are experiencing hardship, expansion of their opportunities to use education and health, nutrition services. In addition, the identification of the systemic obstacles leads to violence against children, cases of abuse and neglect, ensuring their possibility of using a wider range of social protection services, promoting the rights of benefiting from a caring family environment also includes the Program, as the main targets". 
Noting the other partners of the Program is the Ministry of Education, S.Muslumov stated that the document will play an important role in increasing the opportunities for children experiencing hardship to benefit from education services in the conditions of rehabilitation-oriented social services. The Minister expressed confidence that "Periodic Action Plan on Child Protection and Social Protection for the years 2016-2017" first stage of the Program and the work on the Plan will be implemented successfully. 
Stating duration of action of the head of UNICEF representation in Azerbaijan Andro Shilakadze in our country is coming to completion, S.Muslumov appreciated the efforts of A. Shilakadze that he made for the expansion of relations of UNICEF with Azerbaijan and efficient organization of this cooperation, wished him success in his future activity.
A.Shilakadze stressed successful working experience of Azerbaijan in the field of the protection of children and stated that purposeful activity for supporting the well-being of children in the country, coverage of children experiencing hardship was carried out with social services has been implemented. 
Then, "Periodic Action Plan on Child Protection and Social Protection for the years 2016-2017" was signed and the event continued with presentations and discussions on the work to be done on the new Action Plan.

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