"Light Your Fire" on Eurovision organized at Permanent Mission

The event of "Light Your Fire" was organized in the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the UN Office and other International Organizations at Geneva on May 26, 2012 in connection with the finals of Eurovision-2012 song contest.

Along with the staff of the Permanent Mission and "SOCAR-Trading" Company operating in Switzerland, foreign guests, the Azerbaijanis living in this country, representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora, as well as Azerbaijani students studying in Switzerland attended the event. The participants watched the final of the song contest and supported Azerbaijan's representative Sabina Babayeva, who performed the song "When the music dies".

After greeting the guests at the beginning of the event, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the UN Office and other International Organizations at Geneva, Ambassador Mr. M.Najafbayli once again congratulated his compatriots for the hosting of Azerbaijan theEurovision-2012 song contest as the most watched non-sport event in the world. He stressed that this song contest creates further opportunities for Azerbaijan to demonstrate its attainments  achieved during the years of independence.

At the same time, Ambassador, Permanent Representative Mr. M.Najafbayli emphasized that the Azerbaijanis living abroad always are at the center of attention of the state. The importance of the research of participation of our compatriots in the social-political life of their living country, further strengtening relations between motherland and diaspora, as well as the significance of solving problems that they meet, have been stressed in the speech. It is not coincidence that our compatriots living abroad had a great role in holding of the “Eurovision-2012” international song contest this year in Azerbaijan.

The event ended after the watching the finals of Eurovision-2012 song contest.

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