Shusha: Temple of Azerbaijani Culture. Article in UN Special magazine by Dr Murad N. Najafbayli, Ambassador, Permanent Representative 08 may 2015

An article by the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the  United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Mr. Murad Najafbayli entitled “Shusha: Temple of Azerbaijani culture” was published in UN Special magazine (www.unspecial.org). “UN Special” with its monthly 10.000-copy circulation is considered to be the famous publication of the diplomatic corpus at the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

The author of the article informs about the historical monuments of Shusha, which  became the political and economic centre of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh khanate founded in 50s of the XVIII century, including Gara Boyukkhanim castle, Upper Govharagha and Lower Govharagha mosques, as well as the wall fortress – “Ganja Gates” and Garden of the Khan.

The article also shows the significant role of Shusha city in the political, economic and political life of the Azerbaijani people and its important role as the traditional music centre. It was also noted that this city was named as “Conservatory of the Caucasus”.

The author notes that Shusha is famous not only for its rare historical and cultural monuments, but also its poets, composers and musicians and underlines the special role of this city in the political and spiritual life of the people of Azerbaijan.

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