Azerbaijan was highly ranked in the World Intellectual Property Organization report entitled “Global Innovation Index (GII) 2014: The Human Factor in Innovation”

The report entitled “Global Innovation Index (GII) 2014: The Human Factor in Innovation”(http://www.wipo.int/export/sites/www/freepublications/en/economics/gii/gii_2014.pdfhas been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization. The GII ranks the innovation performance of 143 countries and economies around the world based on 81 indicators. The GII ranks world economies based on the following indicators: institutions; human capital and research; infrastructure; market sophistication; business sophistication; knowledge and technology outputs; creative outputs.

Azerbaijan was highly ranked on the following indicators: ease of starting a business (13), market sophistication (26), micro-financing gross loans (15), investment (10), ease of protecting investors (21), non-agricultural market access weighted tariff (9), foreign direct investment net outflow (8), information-communication technologies and organization model creation (23).

The core of the GII Report consists of a ranking of world economies’ innovation capabilities and results. The GII has established itself as a leading reference among innovation indices. 

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