Article by Ambassador, Permanent Representative “Nizami Ganjavi. An Unattainable Example of Human Genius” published in UN Special

An article by the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Nations Office and other international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador H.E. Dr. Murad Najafbayli, entitled “Nizami Ganjavi. An Unattainable Example of Human Genius” was published in the edition No. 727 of the “UN Special” magazine (www.unspecial.org) in April 2013. “UN Special” with its monthly 10.000 circulation is considered to be the most famous publication of the diplomatic corpus at the UN Office and other international organizations in Geneva.

The author informs about a valuable place in the history of world culture, life and creativity of the great Azerbaijani poet Nizami Ganjavi, the most prominent figure of medieval Azerbaijani philosophical poetry, in the article published in “UN Special” magazine of a large audience and high reputation in Switzerland. In the article it was emphasized that Nizami Ganjavi lived in the city of Ganja of Azerbaijan, where he carried out his artistic activities, and it was noted that Nizami Ganjavi brought a quite new poetic voice and impulsion to world literature with five poems, which had lost none of their impact even today.

The literary and philosophical innovations brought by the Azerbaijani poet Nizami to the national and world literature was analysed in detail, and the human factor and human happiness standing in the centre of Nizami artistic creativity of Nizami was noted in the article. Thus, the same idea later revealed itself in the works of the masters of the European Renaissance.

The humanist nature of creativity of Nizami was stressed in the “UN Special” as well as modern skilful and masterly approach of the Azerbaijani poet to the historical themes, the wishes and aspirations of the people, highly skilful language of wise ideas derived from folk art and thinking was expressed.

Further, it was mentioned that the principles of humanism and democracy defined by this great genius had extended humanistic trends not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the whole Near and Middle East, and in Western literature. Placing great emphasis on freedom of speech and expression and inviting people, especially the rulers of his time, to work for peace and security, Nizami Ganjavi laid the foundations of the concept of “pacifism” reflected in the UN Charter.

Moreover, in the article it was noted that the name of the genius poet and thinker had been eternalised in his native homeland – Azerbaijan, the 800th and 840th anniversaries of the birth of Nizami Ganjavi had been widely celebrated and now various events and ceremonies are being held in Azerbaijan and abroad on the occasion of the celebration of the 870th anniversary of his birth.

Portrait of Nizami Ganjavi and photos of Nizami Mausoleum in Ganja were posted in the article.

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